What You Need to Know About Ordering From a Canadian Online Dispensary

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In this article, we’ll reveal the important things you need to know about ordering from a Canadian online dispensary. We’ll explain what they are, why you should use them, and factors you must consider before placing your order. Let’s get right into it…

What Is a Canadian Online Dispensary?

This refers to an online store where you can purchase different cannabis products in Canada. You can visit https://thepurplebutler.co/ to discover the types of products you can purchase from these dispensaries. These online dispensaries are popular in Canada and there are so many individuals you can pick from.

Just like other online stores, when you place an order, it gets delivered to your doorstep. Therefore, you don’t have to bother about going out to buy it. You can just sit in the comfort of your home, make your order, and then receive it when it arrives.

Reasons to Order From a Canadian Online Dispensary

Apart from convenience which we briefly mentioned above, there are other reasons why you need to order from these stores. In this section, we’ll talk about these reasons in detail. Let’s begin…

Lower Prices

The prices of physical stores are usually higher than online dispensaries. The reason for this difference is because of the lower overhead costs of online dispensaries. Furthermore, when you place an order that exceeds a particular amount, you might get your package without paying for shipping.

Another reason why they are cheaper is that most transactions are done electronically. What this means is that you don’t have to deal with payment issues. For instance, with electronic payment, you get to enjoy reduced transaction costs.


Although we mentioned this already, it’s important we still stress it. Regardless of your location, you can get your order delivered within a couple of days. So, if you don’t like going out, this makes it perfect for you.

Better Selection

Most of these dispensaries have a wide selection of products you can choose from. So, you can take your pick from Sativa strains, Indica Strains, Kush strains, hybrid strains, concentrates, and edibles. These options allow you to find a product that it’s best for you.

Coupon Codes and Discounts

With these dispensaries, you can enjoy benefits via coupon codes and discounts. The reason these stores can offer such is because they don’t spend so much on operational costs, unlike physical stores. So, they appreciate their customers’ patronage via coupon codes and discounts.

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Factors You Must Consider Before Making an Order

Now that you know the benefits of patronizing these online dispensaries, there are factors you must consider before you make an order. Knowing these factors is crucial to enable you to purchase the best products. Here are the factors:

Company Background

You mustn’t just buy cannabis from any online store you find. You need to be sure of the company’s background. Doing this will protect you from being scammed.

There are various ways to run background checks on a company. One of the ways to do this is to check online ratings and reviews of the company. You can visit https://smallbusiness.chron.com/ to learn about other ways to run a background check.  This will help you to evaluate their product quality and customer service.

Available Products

Cannabis is sold in different types and not all are suitable for each person. Therefore, you need to be sure that what they are selling is good for you before you order. Confirm that their products are not substandard in any way.

Offers, Prices, and Discounts

Online dispensaries offer different kinds of cannabis products, prices, and discounts. We recommend that you compare the offers and prices of several stores before making a purchase. Doing this will ensure you don’t end up paying more than what the weed is worth.

While seeking a cheap offer, ensure you don’t end up buying cheap weed. The offer can be cheap (affordable), but it doesn’t mean the product should be cheap. Once again, we recommend that you check reviews and ratings of the dispensaries you are thinking of buying from.

Shipping Fees

Like many other online stores, these dispensaries also charge a fee for shipping the product to you; however, some don’t charge this fee. You can click here to discover the facts and fiction of online shipping costs. Before you order, check how much the shipping fee is. If it’s too much, consider buying from another dispensary.


Why is location a factor you need to consider? First of all, you can cut down on the cost of shipping if you live close to the dispensary. Generally, the farther the distance, the higher the shipping fee, and vice versa.

Furthermore, the closer the store is to you, the faster you get your weed. On the flip side, the farther the distance, the longer you have to wait. So, to avoid having to wait for more than 3 days, choose a dispensary that is close to you.


In this article, we’ve discussed the important things you need to know about Canadian online dispensaries. We also reveal the benefits of getting your weed from these stores. Finally, we talked about factors you need to consider before you place an order.

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